How to Deploy Drupal 8 with Ansible Playbook

Create a new directory to add the roles in our Ansible playbook by running:

cd ~/drupal-ansible
mkdir roles

Installing MariaDB Role

Create a new directory for “mariadb” role and subdirectories for tasks, handlers, and templates.

mkdir -p roles/mariadb/{tasks,handlers,templates}
nano roles/mariadb/tasks/main.yaml
- name: create a new database for Drupal
mysql_db: name={{ drupal_db_name }} state=present
- name: create a new database user for Drupal
mysql_user: name={{ drupal_db_user }} password={{ drupal_db_pass }}
priv="{{ drupal_db_name }}.*:ALL" state=present host={{ hostvars['web-server']['ansible_default_ipv4']['address'] }}
# mariadb role variables
mysql_root_pass: VeryStrongPassword
drupal_db_user: drupal-data
drupal_db_name: drupal-user
drupal_db_pass: StrongPass

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