How to Enable Transparent Data Encryption on Alibaba Cloud

alter table  engine=innodb block_format=encrypted;
alter table  engine=innodb block_format=default;

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  1. MySQL 5.6 supports only TDE enabling of instances, and does not accept the value of DBName. After activating TDE, if you want to recover data to a local server, decrypted the data through RDS first.
  2. Before activating TDE, you need to activate KMS. If you have not activated KMS, you can activate it according to the guidance during the TDE activation.
  3. SQL Server 2008 R2 supports only TDE enabling and disabling of databases. When TDE is enabled on a database, the TDE status of the related instance is changed (can only be enabled).
  4. For MySQL 5.6, you can enable TDE only for instances. Therefore, the value of DBName is not accepted.

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