How to Identify Frequently Dropped and Constant Offline Devices among 50,000 Devices

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Monitor the Device Status Change Using the Rule Engine

1) Online and Offline Status Messages

When a device connecting to the IoT platform goes offline, a message of a specific topic is generated to signify the device status change. Easily learn about the device status change by subscribing to this topic on the server.

1.1 Format of the Online/Offline Status Change

The following table shows the Payload Data Format Parameter description.

2) Configure the Rule Engine to Change the Device Status

2.1 Configure SQL

Next, configure SQL to retrieve the device status, currentTime, and lastTime from the message body. The following snapshot shows the data processing interface of the rule engine.

2.2 Configure Data Transmission RDS

The following snapshot shows how to configure the Data Transmission RDS in a data transmission interface of the rule engine.

In the device_status_history table, run SQL statements to display the online and offline statistics about the device:

2.3 Configure Data Transmission OTS

Now, configure the Data Transmission OTS as shown below.

When a device goes online, transmits service data, and then goes offline, the following records are generated in the table. The Status column indicates the device status, lastTime indicates the last communication time, and currentTime indicates the time when this message is generated, which equals to the online or offline time.


Tracking the status change of IoT devices in real-time helps to ensure hassle-free functioning of IoT devices. This article comprehensively outlines the steps to effectively monitor whether the IoT device is online or offline using the rule engine. For more details, visit .

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