How to Install Craft CMS with a LEMP Stack

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4 min readMay 30, 2019

There are many PHP based Content Management Systems (CMS) that you can run on an Alibaba Cloud ECS Instance with a LEMP stack. Of these, Craft CMS is probably one of the slickest.

As Craft is built using the Yii high performance PHP framework, and adheres to modern PHP standards, it is also a very scalable and stable platform.


  1. Nginx installed
  2. MariaDB installed and secured

Install PHP7

The final part of the LEMP stack we need to run Craft CMS is PHP. Although Craft will run on PHP5.3 and upwards, it is not advisable to use old and unsupported versions. PHP7 is much more secure and provides incredibly superior performance.

As Nginx doesn’t natively process dynamic content, such as PHP scripts, we will need to install PHP-FPM. This will install all the core PHP packages we need to run with an NGINX server. Let’s also install the PHP extension for MySQL at the same time:

# apt-get install php-fpm php-mysql

Craft CMS requires a few other PHP packages that aren’t included in PHP-FPM, so we need to install them separately:

# apt-get install php7.0-curl php7.0-mbstring php7.0-mcrypt php-imagick php7.0-xml

You will need to enter yes to continue when prompted:

And since CraftCMS is a modern PHP application, as such its workflow uses both ‘git’ and the ‘composer’ php package manager during development.

Install these next:

# apt-get install composer git

We will need a root directory for the CraftCMS files and sub-directories. We will create this in the ‘/var/www/’ directory:

# mkdir /var/www/

Change directory to your newly created route directory:

# cd /var/www/

Download and Prepare the CraftCMS files

Now download the latest zip archive containing the CraftCMS files:

# wget -O --no-check-certificate

We will need to unzip the archive, but first we need to install a package to do that:

# apt-get install unzip

We can now unzip the archive:

# unzip

When you unzip the archive it will create two directories within your root directory, ‘craft’ and ‘public’, you can see them if you list out the directory:

# ls

Craft has a very modern directory structure, its public directory only includes the ‘index.php’ file required to run the application, this is the file our Nginx virtual host points to in order to serve the site. All of the nuts and bolts of the CraftCMS are run securely from a directory one level above the index.php file.

When you listed out the root directory contents, you will see that the ‘’ archive is still there, we need to delete it:

# rm

We also need to check ownerships of our directories:

# ls -l

Make the server user ‘www-data’ the owner of both directories, then recheck:

# chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/
# ls -l

You should now be able to confirm that ‘www-data’ user and group owns both directories. After you have set the files successfully, you can configure domain and DNS, and then create Nginx virtual host files, add a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, create a Database and finalize the installation and configuration of CraftCMS. For details, you can go to Install Craft CMS on a LEMP Stack on Alibaba Cloud.

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