How to Install Cuberite on a CentOS 7


Update the system

yum -y update
yum -y install cmake
yum -y install screen

Installing Cuberite

cd ~ && mkdir server
cd serverwget -O
Hello, this script will download and compile Cuberite.
On subsequent runs, it will update Cuberite.
The compilation and download will occur in the current directory.
If you're updating, you should run: <Path to Cuberite>/
Compiling from source takes time, but it usually generates faster
executables. If you prefer ready-to-use binaries or if you want
more info, please visit:
Choose compile mode:
* (R)Release: Compiles normally.
Generates the fastest build.
* (D)Debug: Compiles in debug mode.
Makes your console and crashes more verbose.
A bit slower than Release mode. If you plan to help
development by reporting bugs, this is preferred.
Choose compile mode: (r/d) (Default: "Release"):
#### Settings Summary ####
Build Type: Release
Branch: master (Currently the only choice)
Compilation threads: 1
CPU Threads: 2
Previous Compilation: Not detected. We are assuming this is the first run.
Upstream Link:
Upstream Repo: origin
After pressing ENTER, the script will connect to
to check for updates and/or fetch code. It will then compile your program.
If you compiled before, make sure you're in the proper directory and that "Previous
compilation" is detected.
Press ENTER to continue...
Compilation done!
Cuberite awaits you at:
You can always update Cuberite by executing:
Enjoy :)

Configuring Cuberite

cd cuberitecp -r Server ~/server/cuberiteServer
cd ./cuberiteServernano settings.ini
Description=Cuberite - in C++!
ShutdownMessage=Server shutdown
cd ~/server/cuberiteServer
screen -S MinecraftServer && screen -r MinecraftServer
screen -r <screenName>




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