How to Manage Control Instructions for Offline Devices through Device Shadow

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Updating the Running Parameters of Offline IoT-enabled Devices Through Device Shadow

1) Technical Solution for Updating the Running Parameters of Devices

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2) Device-side Development

* aliyun-iot-mqtt@0.0.4
const mqtt = require('aliyun-iot-mqtt');
const deviceConfig = {
"productKey": "产品",
"deviceName": "设备",
"deviceSecret": "设备deviceSecret",
"regionId": "cn-shanghai"
const client = mqtt.getAliyunIotMqttClient(deviceConfig);
const getShadow = `/shadow/get/${deviceConfig.productKey}/${deviceConfig.deviceName}`;
client.on('message', function(topic, message) {
if (topic == getShadow) {
message = JSON.parse(message);
console.log(new Date().Format("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.S"))
console.log("\tappConfig.content :", JSON.stringify(message.payload.state.desired.appConfig))
console.log("\tappConfig.timestamp :", JSON.stringify(message.payload.metadata.desired.appConfig.timestamp))
const updateShadow = `/shadow/update/${deviceConfig.productKey}/${deviceConfig.deviceName}`;
client.publish(updateShadow, JSON.stringify({method: "get"}), { qos: 1 })

3) Configuration Update on the Cloud

* package.json 添加依赖:"@alicloud/pop-core": "1.5.2"
const co = require('co');
const RPCClient = require('@alicloud/pop-core').RPCClient;
const options = {
accessKey: "你的accessKey",
accessKeySecret: "你的accessKeySecret",
const client = new RPCClient({
accessKeyId: options.accessKey,
secretAccessKey: options.accessKeySecret,
endpoint: '',
apiVersion: '2018-01-20'
const shadowMessage = {
method: "update",
state: {
desired: {
maxTemperature: 39.5,
const params = {
ProductKey: "你的ProductKey",
DeviceName: "你的DeviceName",
ShadowMessage: JSON.stringify(shadowMessage)
co(function*() {
try {
const response = yield client.request('UpdateDeviceShadow', params);
} catch (err) {

4) Running Results

4.1 Update Parameter Settings Through an API on the Cloud

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4.2 Obtain Live Updates on Online Devices

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4.3 Obtain Updates After Devices Go Online

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