How to Migrate WooCommerce to Alibaba Cloud ECS with Let’s Encrypt

Elastic Compute Service

Once we register with Alibaba Cloud, we are offered US$300 worth in Free Trial to try out its products (once you confirm our payment methods, such as a credit card, or PayPal account). These funds can go toward deploying and testing an ECS instance.

The Convenience and Simplicity of Plesk

In this guide we needed to preserve the integrity of our existing WordPress and WooCommerce installation, and to avoid conflicts, we cloned an entire WordPress directory to our created website / domain root. But for the purposes of new installations, Plesk offers one click deployment of WordPress — along with dozens of other applications, such as OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, Typo3 and others.


To migrate our existing eCommerce store, we will log in to our existing server, through SSH, and create a database dump:

mysqldump -u ourusername -p ourdatabasename > ourdatabase.file.sql
scp ./ourdatabase.file.sql root@ourdomainname:/var/www
rsync -avzh /var/www/our-website-folder/ root@ourdomainname:/var/www/vhosts/ourdomainname/httpdocs
mysql -u test1 -p test1 < /var/www/ourdatabase.file.sql

Configuring the Migrated Website

We now have our website root folder migrated, our virtual host and domain are fully configured, our SSL certificate is set up and active, and we have created a database and imported our database dump file into it. Now we need to configure our new website to use the new database.


If you’re starting a website from scratch, Alibaba Cloud’s Plesk image will make things really simple — we will be able to pull multiple online websites, and perform advanced configurations in only a couple of clicks. One interface lends itself to a fast and simple workflow. Premium licenses are here to give us features suitable for web hosts, with client accounts.



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