How to Protect Your Origin Sites with Anti-DDoS Pro

The origin sites protection can prevent your origin against light-traffic HTTP flood and Web attacks, but cannot defend against heavy traffic DDoS attacks. In addition, it does not prevent DDoS attacks directly targeting the origin through traffic that bypasses Anti-DDoS Pro, which may even throw the origin IP address into the black hole.

Anti-DDoS Pro > ECS or origins outside Alibaba Cloud

Under this architecture, visitors’ source IP addresses that send requests to ECS and non-Alibaba cloud origins are converted to Anti-DDoS Pro back-to-source IP addresses.

You can use the origin’s security software (such as iptables and firewall), to only allow Anti-DDoS Pro back-to-source IP addresses, and block all other IP addresses.

Anti-DDoS Pro > SLB > ECS

Under this architecture, the IP address that sends requests to ECS becomes SLB’s IP address.

We recommend that you use SLB’s whitelist to only allow Anti-DDoS Pro to access SLB. For more information about whitelist settings, see Configure a whitelist.

Anti-DDoS Pro > WAF/CDN > ECS

Under this architecture, the IP address that sends requests to ECS becomes WAF or Alibaba Cloud CDN’s IP address.

Whenever possible, we recommend that you configure relevant policies on WAF and Alibaba Cloud CDN, and configure origin policies based on the back-to-source IP addresses of WAF or Alibaba Cloud CDN.

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Deploy WAF and Anti-DDoS Pro together

Alibaba Cloud WAF and Anti-DDoS Pro and are fully compatible. You can use the following architecture to deploy WAF and Anti-DDoS Pro together: Anti-DDoS Pro (entry layer, DDoS attack protection) > WAF (intermediate layer, web attack protection) > Origin.

Protect origin sites that use Anti-DDoS Pro

This topic describes methods and principles for different scenarios to protect your origin sites under Anti-DDoS Pro. And you can find the step by step guide for configuring your ECS security group to protect the origin.

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