How to Safely Move Your Media Content to the Cloud

To learn more about how to safely move your media content to the cloud, download the Introducing Our Secure Media Archive Solution whitepaper today.

The way in which we consume content in today’s digital world has been revolutionized by the modern devices we use and the ever-faster networks we have available at our fingertips. Whether it’s a piece of music, video, or a live stream, media organizations around the world must ensure that they are providing their end-users with high-quality services, all the while protecting their digitized content from a wide range of data-related issues.

With the Alibaba Cloud Secure Media Archive solution, customers with digital content can learn how to best manage content migration, storage, and security, using Alibaba Cloud’s vast range of cloud-based products and services. This includes VPN Gateway, Express Connect, Smart Access Gateway, and Cloud Storage Gateway. Let’s take a look at these solutions below.

VPN Gateway

Alibaba Cloud’s VPN Gateway can help businesses establish a secure connection between their Virtual Private Cloud and their on-premises data center. As previously mentioned, this is a highly cost-effective solution that allows companies to transmit encrypted data both securely and reliably thanks to Alibaba Cloud’s high-performance network.

Express Connect

Since this newly created point-to-point connection is private, it ensures a guaranteed throughput rate. This solution also has the ability to provide cross-region connectivity (including connectivity across Mainland China), as well as VPC to VPC connectivity across multiple networks.

Smart Access Gateway

Alibaba Cloud’s Smart Access Gateway is one such physical device that is commonly used to create site-to-site connections by a leased line, broadband link, or 4G link. It also comes equipped with its own software, meaning that businesses can benefit from an all-in-one solution for connecting all of their local branches to the Alibaba Cloud.

Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG)

Businesses that opt to utilize Alibaba Cloud’s CSG solution, can combine the cloud-based gateways with the local gateway instances to build something called a storage gateway cluster. This allows them to share data securely between their on-premise and their in-cloud clusters, helping to migrate content when faced with various scenarios, such as data distribution, disaster recovery, and file backup.

The Alibaba Cloud Secure Media Archive solution answers many of the challenges faced by businesses that have digital content. This solution offers content retrieval times of within 60 seconds, a highly cost-effective infrastructure, and fully secure storage options.

To find out more about the safe ways to move your media content to the cloud, download the Introducing Our Secure Media Archive Solution whitepaper today.

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