How to Safely Move Your Media Content to the Cloud

VPN Gateway

When opting to securely transfer files, it’s common to conduct such a task using a VPN service (or Virtual Private Network service) over an Internet connection. Moving files in this way is relatively cheap in comparison to other methods and also provides protection for your content at the protocol and transport layer.

Express Connect

Alibaba Cloud’s Express Connect network service enables a high-bandwidth, reliable, secure, and private connection between different environments for companies that require a more predictable performance. This allows businesses to easily connect their on-premises data center with Alibaba Cloud.

Smart Access Gateway

For companies that are handling large content catalogs, Alibaba Cloud offers a mass migration service that can manage the movement of all of the content. This can either be using the Alibaba Cloud network links or by using physical devices.

Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG)

The Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) provides companies with a gateway service that can be deployed at both their data center and within Alibaba Cloud. Object Storage Service buckets are used as backend storage devices. This provides a company’s on-premise and cloud-based applications with standard file services over the Network File System (NFS), and Server Message Block (SMB) protocols, and block storage services over the Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) protocol.

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