How to Set up a Website with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting and Domains


This document will show you how to use Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting in order to set up a new website, complete with a domain name. If you follow the steps here you will have a new website up and running, accessible worldwide using the name of your choice, and hosted on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Web Hosting or ECS Server?

There are two main ways to host a website. In essence they are the same, but there are some important differences. Understanding those differences will help you choose the right type of service to use on Alibaba Cloud, so let’s run through them right now.

Buying Your Hosting Package

Log into your Alibaba Cloud account and get to the console. You will see something like this:

  • FTP username
  • FTP Password

Time to Try Your Site

When your web hosting package was set up, a sample home page was created. In a while we’ll overwrite that file with our own page. But for now, let’s check that the same page is accessible. Because we’ve not yet registered a domain name, we can access the site via its Test Domain.

Upload With FTP

Now you can replace the sample home page with one of your own.

Test Your Site

With the new page in place, test that your site works and that you can see the new home page. We still don’t have a domain name so you will need to access the site via the Test Domain.

Choosing Your Domain Name

The next step is to choose and register a domain name so that visitors can access your site by way of a friendly name. Without a domain name, no one except you can view your site. Plus, the domain name becomes a unique brand that you can promote and advertise.

Making the Link With DNS

We now have a website and a domain name. The final step is to link the two together so that when someone types your domain name into their browser they see your website, rather than someone else’s, or an error message saying that the site wasn’t found.

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