How to Use the Data Retention Window

How to Use the PipelineDB CV TTL Function

Creating a Data Stream and Getting CV TTL Ready

CREATE STREAM s1 (id int, info text, crt_time timestamp default now());
CREATE CONTINUOUS VIEW cv1 WITH (ttl = '1 min', ttl_column = 'crt_time') AS  
SELECT id,info,crt_time FROM s1;
activate cv1;

Testing How the Function Works

pipeline=# insert into s1 values (1,'test',now());  
pipeline=# select * from cv1;  
id | info | crt_time
1 | test | 2017-06-12 17:11:45.774904
(1 row)
pipeline=# select set_ttl('cv1', '10 second', 'crt_time');  
(1 row)


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