How to Use the OpenVPN GUI Client on Windows

Install the OpenVPN Client

Go to OpenVPN’s official download page. Scroll down until you find the download links. At the moment of writing the tutorial, they looked like this:

Import the .ovpn Client Profile

After you’ve finished installing the OpenVPN GUI client, open the program, either by double clicking on the icon that has been added to the desktop, or by pressing the Windows logo key to bring up the Start Menu, and then typing “openvpn”.

Manage OpenVPN Connections

From the menu mentioned earlier, click on Connect. A dialog will open showing some status messages, as the OpenVPN server and client communicate. The dialog quickly closes when the connection is successful but you can reopen it by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting Show Status.

Fix DNS Leaks

A DNS query, explained in a condensed and oversimplified form, is simply your computer asking a server “What is the IP address of”. In an optimal setup, a DNS query should first get encrypted on your local computer and then sent to your VPN server. This way, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or users on your local network cannot capture and read these queries to see what sites you are visiting.

OpenVPN Settings

There are two potentially useful settings you can enable. Right-click on the system tray icon and select Settings…, then in the window that pops up tick the box that says Launch on Windows startup. This way the OpenVPN GUI utility can automatically launch and add itself to the system tray area, every time Windows boots up.

Delete Imported Client Profiles

While it’s easy to import OpenVPN profile files, it’s not immediately obvious how to remove them. In the options dialog, if you go to the Advanced tab you will find out where profile and log files are stored:



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