Hybrid Cloud Storage: Cross-Cloud Replication

Cloud Storage Gateway-based Cross-Cloud Replication Architecture

Cloud Storage Gateway is a pure software gateway form of online cloud hosts and offline virtual machines. It provides NFS and CIFS file protocol support for client hosts, and uploads files written to the gateway to Alibaba Cloud Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS). Cloud Storage Gateway supports two modes: cache and replication. The difference between these two modes is that the replication mode guarantees both the local data and data on the cloud are full data, while the cache mode only keeps metadata of the hot and cold data locally. When you access cold data, you need to pull the corresponding data from the cloud.

Implementation of Cloud Storage Gateway-based Cross-Cloud Replication

First, we need to deploy a cloud host in the customer’s cloud environment to support Cloud Storage Gateway. In order to facilitate the rapid deployment of Cloud Storage Gateway, a virtual machine image file is provided to directly generate a cloud host. First enter the Cloud Storage Gateway page of the Alibaba Cloud console, select the East China 2-Shanghai region, and click Create Gateway Cluster in the upper right corner to create a gateway cluster. A gateway cluster is a concept similar to a label or a group, which makes it easy for users to aggregate multiple gateways into one page for management and maintenance.


By using the file backup and reverse sync file recovery functions in the synchronized replication mode of Cloud Storage Gateway, you’ve already experienced the ease-of-use of Cloud Storage Gateway. Cloud Storage Gateway, as a pure software, boasts flexible deployment and simple configuration, and can be seamlessly connected to your existing business system. The “backup immediately after writing” replication mode is perfect for backing up centralized shared directories. Cloud Storage Gateway supports recovering backup files from Alibaba Cloud OSS to any cloud vendor’s host, including Alibaba Cloud’s ECS host or even your own offline data center, which perfectly solves problems with file backup in cross-cloud (multi-cloud) scenarios. You can recover data to any locations that have deployed Cloud Storage Gateway. Distributing recovered data using gateways is extremely efficient.



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