Infrastructure as Code with Resource Orchestration Service

Infrastructure as Code: Overview

  1. Infrastructure as Code are text files that store the configuration and state values; normally presented as JSON files.
  2. All the files are version controlled, making it easier to audit, test, upgrade and rollback as needed.
  3. Human-readable in nature, making it easier to debug and review.

Major Benefits of DevOps:

  1. The codified way of implementing Infrastructure as Code empowers engineers to work more on infrastructure definitions rather than scripts and configurations, which ensures better scalability and more control of the centralized change. Consequently, the ground focus shifts towards the quality of automation tooling instead of server nodes and other resources.
  2. Repetition will neither be costly nor will consume human efforts. So, if we need to do it numerous times, we can automate that. Assume how interesting it is that with very few clicks you will be bringing up and shutting down your servers and machines daily by your requirements and usage.
  3. You would have the advantage of testing and comparing different configurations with different systems to analyze your decisions and strategies. These daily performance snapshots would give you an insightful summary to implement your infrastructure in an optimized way.
  4. At the end of the day, if your infrastructure configuration does not work, or has little benefit over the cost, you can always rollback the changes and deploy the working model of your infrastructure on the cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Resource Orchestration Service

Alibaba Cloud ROS Structure and SDK

  1. Redeployment capabilities for the templates.
  2. Linting capabilities, which can help you verify the template structure before deployment, to test against any structural problems.
  3. Native support for Alibaba Cloud resources, security, regions and more.

Why ROS for IaC

Community or Third-party IaC Tools

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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website:

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