Insights into Alibaba Data Experience Technologies

The 4Vs of Big Data

SQL Editor

Syntax Understanding

Architecture Diagram

High Scalability

Easy Maintenance

High Performance

Context Understanding

Syntax Suggestion
Alias Recognition
Keyword Correction

BI Platform

Three-in-One Layout

  • Data building — streaming layout
  • BI reports — tile layout
  • Dashboards — free layout

Data Model-Driven

Lazy Rendering

Integration Capability


  • Material module: allows the rendering engine to access any material, identify material characteristics, and automatically connect to materials.
  • Orchestration module: provides the core functionality of the designer, including component, logic, and event orchestration.
  • Rendering module: ensures security and compatibility when the built products are distributed to different ends or even mini programs.
  • Codeout module: outputs code for all products that are built based on low-code, allowing the products to be re-engineered. FY21 will continue to explore the full conversion between pro code and low-code.

Data Visualization

Basic Architecture

Intelligent Visualization

Digital Art

Heterogeneous Rendering

Web3D Rendering Engines

3D Geographic System

Algorithm Service

Data Security

Digital Watermarks

Data Monitoring

Recognition of Unauthorized Environments

Diagnostic Alerts

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