Integrating Distributed Architecture with Cloud Native: Best Practices by Ant Financial

Practices of Building the Cloud-native Application PaaS Architecture

Challenges in Employing Cloud Native in Financial Scenarios

Cloud Native Is an Inevitable Trend in the Technology Industry Where Businesses Change Rapidly

The Container Technology Revolutionizes Application Delivery Modes

“Steady Innovations” Are Required in Financial Scenarios

Application Change and Release Management in the Kubernetes System

Requirement Background: “Three Measures” for Application Changes

Native Release Capabilities of Kubernetes

CafeDeployment: Able to Perceive the Underlying Topology and Domain Model

CafeDeployment: Fine-grained Group Release and Scale-out

CafeDeployment: Graceful Traffic Removal and Lossless Release

Overview of the Open-source Version: OpenKruise — UnitedDeployment

Outlook and Planning

Best Practice: Evolution of Container Application Delivery at an Internet Bank

Cloud-native Unitized Elastic Architecture with Active Geo-Redundancy


SOFAStack — Financial Distributed Architecture

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