Integrating Real-time Search with SaaS-based Cloud Data Warehouses

1. Overview and Value (Why)


  • Advertising, such as user tags calculation and analysis;
  • Business operation, such as interactive business metrics calculation and query;
  • Construction of data warehouses in various industries: such as the stream- and batch-processing data warehouse or an offline data warehouse integrated with data lakes;
  • Cloud-based scalable big data computing and storage.


Reasons for MaxCompute and Real-time Search

2 .Scenario (What)

  • Log and indicator analysis;
  • Security;
  • Searching in the Website

3. Best Practices (How)

Data Integration

  • High real-time requirements for data monitoring;
  • High cost of user-created clusters and large traffic fluctuations;
  • High fine-grained requirements for data permissions.

Data Monitoring

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