Investing in AI the Smart Way — Lessons from 7 Tech Giants

AI Investment Has Grown Six Fold, But Was It the Right Decision?

Since 2000, venture capital investment in AI has grown six fold, and the number of AI startups by fourteen times in the same period. The numbers are incredible, but the capability of AI has often been exaggerated and over-hyped in the process. The areas where AI startups have focused on have an even more significant impact on social and capital movements.

Say No to Deep Technology, But Yes to Deep Value

Right now, all a start-up has to do is advertise itself as an AI company and people generally perceive it as a forward-looking, sustainable company. However, it’s important to remember that looking to the future doesn’t always mean developing futuristic technology. Besides, in the long run, business models with sound technology that’s useful in the everyday lives of users tend to be much more sustainable.

Deep Technology Will Inevitably Become the Future Standard

If you must invest in deep technology, then consider another problem: today’s cutting-edge technology will all likely become standard tech over time. It was not long ago that today’s high-res displays were both a novelty and technologically fascinating. Today, these displays are everywhere and generally available to anyone and everyone.



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