It’s the World’s First Application Management Model, and It’s Open-Source!

A Story of Cloud Application Delivery

Two Challenges of Cloud Application Management

  • An incorrect operation process could render some cloud resources that need to be provisioned unavailable, which means you’d have to do everything all over again.
  • When a cloud service is improperly configured, you’ll have to reconfigure it or even delete it and start all over again.
  • Throughout the application launch process, you need to constantly switch between the consoles of various cloud products.
  • In many cases, you have to manually delete each and every one of the residual cloud resources of deleted applications, which can often be a rather convoluted process.

Smart Phones and How They Compare with Cloud

So What Is the Open Application Model Anyway?

Balancing Portability and Differentiation

  • Safety: seat belt, airbag, and regular brake
  • Control: 5-gear manual transmission and regular steering wheel
  • Driving power: regular engine
  • Safety: high strength frame, suspension shock absorption, full-body protection, and racing brake
  • Control: 8-gear manual transmission and racing steering wheel
  • Driving power: racing engine

The Current Status and Future of the OAM Project

  • Next, there’s the Rudr project, which is is a Kubernetes implementation of the OAM specification. The Rudr project itself is a standard plugin for Kubernetes. Once installed, it provides users with standard OAM-style application management capabilities. Rudr can work seamlessly with application infrastructure capabilities such as SMI, Knative, and istio through modular application traits. The Rudr project is written in Rust. With a simple, efficient, and high-performing implementation, it is also the world’s first Kubernetes ecosystem open-source component to be implemented in Rust.

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