Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation Ramp up Coronavirus Aid to Europe

Donations to Italian Red Cross

Last week, a donation of 500,000 surgical masks — bearing the triumphant lyrics from the famed Italian aria “Nessun Dorma” — were dispatched from Hangzhou, China, and sent to Belgium’s Liege Airport and then on to Rome, where they were received by the Italian Red Cross. With continued support from the Italian Civil Protection Agency and Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an additional 500,000 masks and 100,000 test kits donated by the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation are due to arrive in Rome this week.

Masks for Belgium Arrive at Liege Airport

Belgium, the first European partner of the Alibaba-led Electronic World Trade Platform, has been instrumental in facilitating the delivery of medical supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak. In particular, the smart logistics hub at Liege Airport in the Wallonia region has played a crucial role in the distribution of provisions to communities in the EU most affected by the virus.

Aid Efforts Supported by Spain’s King Felipe VI and Ministry of Health

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have also committed to sending medical supplies, including masks and test kits, to the National Institute of Health Management in Spain.

Masks En Route to Slovenia and France

On March 18, another cargo plane carrying medical masks departed from Hangzhou and arrived at Liege Airport. A portion of these donated supplies will go to frontline medical staff in Belgium. Also on the chartered flight were masks for Slovenia and France. According to the foundations, Slovenia’s Department of Defense and France’s Ministère des Affaires sociales et de la Santé provided crucial support in the delivery of these supplies.

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