KubeCon 2019: Alibaba Cloud Hands-on Workshop Highlights

Watch Alibaba Cloud’s webinar on Bringing a Microservice App to Managed Kubernetes in 10 Minutes to learn more about setting up Kubernetes clusters on Alibaba Cloud with Container Service for Kubernetes.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon was held for the second time in China on June 24, 2019. This time, 26 technical presentations from Alibaba Group were selected for the event. The presentations and two workshop sessions brought Alibaba Cloud experts and other technology enthusiasts together once again. On the first day of the KubeCon event, 12 experts from Alibaba Cloud conducted a full-day hands-on workshop for developers.

Attendees gained a deep and thorough understanding of container networks and logs and were given a chance to experiment with a variety of cloud-native product capabilities. They tackled many interesting scenarios around Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), including building Knative-based face recognition applications and using serverless applications developed for production. Also there was the opportunity to explore how to share data across subtasks through shared storage in workflow engine-based genetic computing scenarios.

Compared with the workshop of last year, the workshop of this year focused on the development of cutting-edge technology and the application of Kubernetes, as well as the cloud-native experience brought by popular projects on Alibaba Cloud, such as Flink, Istio, and Knative. Two open-source projects were announced during the workshop: App Hub and OpenKruise. App Hub is a Kubernetes application management center for all developers, while OpenKruise is an open-source Kubernetes automation suite developed based on the best practices from major Internet companies worldwide.

App Hub and OpenKruise to Serve Developers

In the workshop, developers downloaded the OpenKruise project from Alibaba Cloud Container Registry by using Helm. They gained hands-on experience with capabilities such as the in-place upgrade of stateful containers, sidecar container injection, and broadcasting of data to all nodes during the O&M of a Kruise application. This gave them the opportunity to develop an initial understanding of the powerful automation capabilities of the OpenKruise project in large-scale scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that the Kruise project is developed based on the best practices in large-scale application deployment, release, and management that Alibaba has accumulated over the past years. It is also developed based on the large-scale application O&M and website construction capabilities of the Alibaba Cloud Container Platform team, as well as the requirements for ACK to serve thousands of customers. Kruise aims to simplify application automation on Kubernetes from various aspects, such as deployment, upgrade, elastic scaling, QoS adjustment, health check, and troubleshooting of migration errors.

Istio on ACK and Fine-Grained Application Management

Istio on ACK is an open-source project integrated with several Alibaba Cloud services, including Log Service, CloudMonitor, and Tracing Analysis. This project provides a proven solution for application deployment and O&M. Istio on ACK is also bundled with an intuitive UI, which greatly simplifies Istio deployment and configuration. ACK provides enterprise-level high-performance and flexible management of Kubernetes containerized applications throughout the application lifecycle. It provides a stable and reliable infrastructure for implementing the Istio solution.

Cloud-Native AI to Construct a Serverless AI Lab

In conjunction with Elastic Container Instance (ECI), Serverless Kubernetes not only supports GPU-based container instances, but also minimizes the overall computing cost in scenarios such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), job scheduling, data computing, and elastic scaling. An online education company has successfully reduced its computing costs by 2/3 by switching to a Serverless Kubernetes and ECI combination from pay-as-you-go ECS instances.

Flink on Kubernetes for Big Data Processing

The Flink on Kubernetes platform can effectively reduce the development, O&M, and cluster management costs for big data processing.

Using Function Compute and Mini Apps to Reach More Customers

If you don’t have an Alibaba Cloud account, sign up for a New User Free Trial and get $300–1200 USD worth in free trial products.

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