Lazada Expands Double 11 Coverage in ASEAN with Alibaba Cloud CDN

By Alibaba Cloud Video Cloud Team

During the 2018 Double 11 Shopping Festival, Lazada, the largest e-commerce company in Southeast Asia, reported that more than 20 million consumers browsed and shopped through the Lazada website and app on the day itself.

Lazada is the largest B2C platform in Southeast Asia, covering six Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, serving approximately 600 million consumers. During Double 11, Alibaba Cloud live broadcast solution to help Lazada stream the Double 11 Gala to Thailand and Malaysia expanding the broadcast to more Southeast Asians.

Speeding Up Content Delivery in Southeast Asia

Alibaba Cloud CDN has been officially providing services to customers since 2014. It has 1500+ nodes in total and 300+ overseas nodes covering more than 70 countries and regions in Northern Europe, North America, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Its business covers video, finance and e-commerce, with the total global bandwidth exceeding 120 Tbps, effectively meeting the acceleration needs of domestic and overseas users.

With its strong infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud has built world-class CDN products such as mobile apps, web, dynamics, streaming, security, and end-to-end network acceleration.

During Lazada’s Double 11, CDN solved the problems of excessive access, poor connections, and heavy latency when accessing the source website due to the sharp increase in traffic. This resulted in improved data transmission stability and access efficiency of both the website and app, which ensured smooth user interactions and a good shopping experience.

Low-Latency E2E Live Streaming Solution

Alibaba’s annual Double 11 Shopping Festival is more than just an online shopping experience, it is now treated like a carnival. With the Double 11 Gala, Alibaba Cloud formed a live broadcast solution by combining its global infrastructure and long-cultivated live broadcast technology. The Double 11 Gala was streamed to the nearest L1 edge node, and was accelerated in the L2 node’s uplink, then it arrived at the Singapore Live Center for transcoding, slicing, recording, and other processing. The playback client obtained the video stream from the nearest L1 edge node. If there was no video stream in L1, it obtained the stream from the L2 node. If there was no stream in L2, it obtained the stream from the center. CDN can monitor network jitters across the entire link and ensure low-latency, stable and smooth live broadcast experiences in Thailand and Malaysia through smart automated scheduling.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud CDN delivers more than 110 EB data per year on billions of Internet devices, helping customers continue to enhance their digital experience in a highly competitive business environment.


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