Learn How Alibaba Cloud’s Databases Could Support 87 Million Transactions per Second

  1. Distributed scaling and disaster recovery: The database’s storage capacity can be scaled up to 100 TB, and a single database can be scaled out to 16 nodes, which can meet enterprise-level requirements for big data storage. Even in cases of high concurrency, the inventory of commodities will not be oversold or overbought.
  2. Active geo-redundancy and global synchronization: By using a highly reliable solution with a zero recovery point objective (RPO), POLARDB provides a data reliability of up to 99.9999999999% with 6 replicas across zones. Remote read-only nodes implement efficient synchronization. The kernel layer supports global disaster recovery and provides the powerful capability of updating hot lines. All these features helped to provide a superior user experience during the huge traffic peak seen at the midnight launch of the Double 11 promotion.
  3. High performance, outstanding elasticity and low cost: The database features minute-level elasticity and can cope with traffic peaks in a cost efficient manner. Thanks to elastic upgrades, customers can flexibly schedule resources to ensure no service interruptions during the major Double 11 Shopping Festival or any other traffic spike, and at the same time also effectively low overall maintenance costs. All of this enables enterprises to migrate their large-scale businesses to the cloud more easily than ever before.

Enterprises Can Migrate to the Cloud More Easily

At present, ApsaraDB for POLARDB is the fastest-growing database product of Alibaba Cloud. It supports Alibaba Group’s various e-commerce platforms and businesses, including Taobao, Tmall, and Cainiao. It is also widely used in like government affairs, Internet finance, new retail, transportation, education, gaming, and video streaming. It serves many enterprise customers, including Zhejiang Province’s “All at Once”, Beijing Public Transport, Intime Department Store, China Post, and Zhongan Insurance.

Recognized by Leading Industry and Academic Experts

In addition to being used by several enterprises in the migration their core businesses to the cloud, ApsaraDB for POLARDB has also been recognized for using some of the most innovative technologies in the industry. Relevant reports about ApsaraDB for POLARDB have been referenced by several top international database conferences, including the Special Interest Group on Management Of Data (SIGMOD), the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), and International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). Its technical strengths have been recognized widely by academic and industry experts.

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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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