Learn How Cloud Native Security’s Enabling Online Learning Businesses to Accomplish Protection in Only Three Minutes

Two Stories

Escalated Security Challenges

  1. Launching DDoS attacks to paralyze a company’s business and then blackmail the victim company into paying huge sums of money in ransom
  2. Embedding a mining virus in a company’s system to slow it down even after the victim has scaled it out.
  3. Leaking a company’s data, which may lead to a series of consequences, such as business development plans being stolen, the exposure of negative business information, or clients being poached by competitors.

The Current Security Solutions

How Can Such Companies Solve Their Security Conundrums?

  • Easy deployment. It is more appropriate to use “switch” than “deployment” in this context. Cloud native-based security products can be put to use immediately after implementation, without complex O&M configuration or network architecture adjustments. Without the need to configure DNS resolution to repeatedly redirect traffic, this minimizes the impact on network quality that results from security protection, and can effectively ensure a win-win situation for security work and user experience.
  • Flexible and agile adjustment. When assets require immediate protection or protection revocation due to an evolving situation, the cloud-native security solution allows you to promptly respond and make flexible adjustments, greatly accelerating security responsiveness.
  • High-accuracy identification and protection of sensitive data. Sensitive data is the top priority when it comes to enterprise data protection. Alibaba Cloud’s sensitive data discovery and protection (SDDP) product allows you to quickly identify and locate sensitive data from a company’s massive data based on different business attributes. You can also track the usage of sensitive data. As such, this product not only acts as a “personal bodyguard” when external attacks break through the peripheral defenses, but it can also prevent internal personnel from stealing or deleting data.
  • Strong, even unlimited, defense against DDoS attacks. DDoS defense capabilities are directly integrated into Alibaba Cloud products, which saves you the trouble of deploying and switching IP addresses. Configurations can be accessed in a matter of minutes, and the service takes effect immediately after use. Moreover, because of the advantages of the cloud-native network and bandwidth resources, the DDoS defense mechanism is also capable of elastic protection, and flexibly adjusting the defense policies in real time according to the intensity of attacks.
  • Secure the boundaries between the inside and outside of a company and the internal boundaries. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Cloud Firewall helps businesses centrally manage access control policies from the Internet to internal services and between internal services. With Cloud Firewall, O&M engineers can intuitively monitor the external traffic to internal services and the traffic between internal services. This allows O&M personnel to easily determine whether there are any malicious attacks and, if so, block them in a timely manner. In particular, precise protection can be implemented against popular vulnerabilities, high-risk zero-day vulnerabilities, and N-day vulnerabilities to prevent large-scale intrusions.
  • Close the loop of host security operation automation. By using Alibaba Cloud Security Center, you can defend yourself against ransomware, virus attacks, tampering, and fix vulnerabilities with one click at the host level. In addition, you can close the loop of automated security operations from threat detection, threat response, and threat tracing, allowing companies without professional security O&M personnel to effectively implement security protection. In addition, the solution can perform a one-click check for compliance with the latest Baseline for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0 and ensure that cloud-based assets and local hosts meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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