Learn How PolarDB Is Supporting Business Expansion in the Gaming Industry

International Business Growth Brings Challenges

The Upgrade from MySQL to Apsara PolarDB

  1. Excellent gaming experience: Based on the compute-storage separation architecture, each instance is deployed in redundancy mode with a master instance and a read-only instance. The high-performance read and write capabilities facilitate the provisioning of new servers and elastic application scaling. This can greatly shorten the maintenance time in scenarios such as game version releases and server restarts. In addition, in extreme cases, software and hardware failure on the servers will not cause slow service recovery that affects player experience.
  2. 24/7 high-availability services: Data is stored in three replicas in a consistent manner to ensure data reliability. When the master instance fails, the system can quickly fail over within 30 to 60 seconds. This ensures that online services can be quickly recovered to provide services normally while ensuring data integrity.
  3. Fast backup: The backup time of a traditional database is associated with the data capacity. Backups are slower when the database capacity is larger. In contrast, in the compute-storage separation architecture, ApsaraDB for PolarDB uses distributed storage snapshots to implement lock-free backup. By using copy-on-write technology, PolarDB copies data only when the data is modified, allowing the entire database backup process to be finished within 30 seconds. In this way, the backup duration is independent of the capacity.
  4. Abundant service support: PolarDB is 100% compatible with MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 8.0 and is fully compatible with all types of MySQL ecosystems and open-source middleware tools. This makes it easy to generate historical game achievements, top up game accounts, and carry out operational activities.

3. The Most Suitable Database Is the Best

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