Learning Machine Learning, Part 1: An Introduction

This post features a basic introduction to Machine Learning. This post on Machine Learning will not only help you to understand the latest trends in the Internet industry, but increase your understanding of the technology that plays a major role in many services that make our lives easier.

A Story about Machine Learning

At first glance, the term machine learning may be confusing. In the computing field, machine refers to a computer. This term is anthropomorphic, indicating it is a technology that enables machines to “learn.”

  • The second method is to ask someone else. However, no one could give you a solution to this problem.
  • The third method is to use the criterion method. Therefore, you ask yourself if you have ever established any criteria to address this problem. For example, whatever other people do, you will always arrive on time. The answer is probably no.

Machine Learning: A Definition

Broadly speaking, Machine Learning is a method that gives machines learning capabilities, allowing them to implement functions that cannot be achieved through straightforward programming. However, in practice, Machine Learning is a method that uses data to train a model, and then uses the model to make predictions.

  1. If you have more data, your model will consider more situations and may be better at predicting new situations. This embodies the “Data is King” philosophy prevalent in the ML field. Generally (though not always), the more data you have available, the better the predictions of models generated by Machine Learning.

Scope of Machine Learning

In the previous section, we discussed the definition of Machine Learning. Now, let’s look at its scope.


Now, you understand how Machine Learning has extensions and applications in many fields. The development of Machine Learning has promoted the advancement of various intelligent fields to improve our daily life. For information on Machine Learning techniques, look our for the next in the 2nd in the 3 part series, Machine Learning Techniques.

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