Let’s Welcome Our New Batch of MVPs

Meet Our New MVP Members

We’re delighted to introduce all new 17 MVPs from the fifth batch to you. Join us to welcome all the new MVPs to the Alibaba Cloud MVP team!

  1. Jeff Cleverley
  2. John Hanley
  3. William Yap
  4. Arslan ud Din Shafiq
  5. Andrzej Suski
  6. Marcus Ross
  7. Ulv Bjørnsson
  8. Alberto Roura
  9. Abdul Hafeez Memon
  10. Alexander Leenen
  11. Ponraj Krishnapandi
  12. Faruk Terzioglu
  13. Wang Zhen
  14. Sameer Ahmed Shaikh
  15. Ma Xiaoxu
  16. Rolf Peltzer
  17. Eli Landon

What Do Our MVP Members Have to Say About the Cloud Industry?

Due to the blog length constraint, we can only highlight quotes from 6 MVP members. You can learn more about other MVPs from the MVP page.

Join Us!

If you have a passion for keeping well-informed of the latest cutting-edge technologies and enjoy sharing your knowledge base with the greater developer community, or just want to grow your influence as an opinion leader, then the Alibaba Cloud MVP is the perfect platform for you.



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