Load Balancing Between Starter Package ECS Instances: Part 1

What Is Alibaba Cloud Starter Package?

Alibaba Cloud’s Starter Package helps you get started instantly through simple, scalable, and cost-effective Elastic Compute Service (ECS) that caters to all your cloud hosting needs. The new SSD Cloud Server Packages provide easy-to-use, high-performance virtual machines with higher data transfer plans at hugely discounted rates for enabling you to start from as low as $2.50 a month. Since it is available across 14 global regions, you can easily choose the Datacenter Region for your servers to meet any specific requirements. It allows each user to have up to five ECS instances with the simultaneous Data Transfer Plans.

Create Starter Package ECS Instances

To get started, log in to your Alibaba Cloud account, and directly navigate to the Starter Package page to review a comprehensive range of server sizes available, with a single click. Alibaba Cloud allows you to easily choose between a Linux or Windows operating system for your cloud server. Further, it’s essential to note that Windows instances are slightly expensive with prices starting from $6 per month, compared to the highly economical Linux servers starting at a minimum price of $2.50 a month.

Manage Your ECS Instances

To manage all your Alibaba Cloud ECS instances and other products, click on Console at the top navigation bar. Then, on the left side of the Console, besides the Alibaba Cloud’s logo, click on the menu icon as shown below to view all the Alibaba Cloud Products.

Configure Security Group

An ECS instance must belong to one or more security groups. Security groups are sets of firewall rules that allow access to your server, and is considered as an additional protection layer that gives you the control of your Inbound/Outbound traffic.

  • Outbound: Allow all access requests.
20 – FTP
21 – FTP
110 – POP3/EMAIL
143 – IMAP
587 - SMTPS
873 – RSYNC

Connect to Your ECS Instances

In order to connect to the new instances that you have created. First, you need to set a root password for the same. Select the instances and click on Reset Password under the instance list.

Setup Web Server on ECS instances:

As a part of this tutorial, it is required to setup a simple Web server to serve HTTP/HTTPS requests, such as Apache or nginx. You can install Apache by connecting to your instances as a root, then use one of the following commands:

yum -y updateyum -y install httpd
apt-get -y updateapt-get -y install apache2

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