How Alibaba Cloud’s Platform Helps Compliance with Chinese Cybersecurity Legislation

Preventing Viruses and Network Attacks

The Cybersecurity Law sets out some key obligations for companies both foreign and local who are operating in China, so let’s run down some of those key obligations and examine how hosting your services on Alibaba Cloud can help to ensure compliance.

Recording, Tracking and Monitoring

China’s Cybersecurity Law now mandates the adoption of measures for recording and tracking the status of network operations, monitoring and recording cyber incidents, and preserving related log files for at least six months. Again, Alibaba Cloud has this covered.

Identifying Users

The ability to confirm a user’s true identity is becoming increasingly important, and the requirement to be able to do this is covered by Article 24 of the Cybersecurity Law. Alibaba Cloud has a full set of systems in place, including verification by phone, SMS and email, to ensure that the identity of anyone attempting to access an organizations’ servers is correctly verified.



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