Mask Wearing Recognition through Alibaba Cloud Artificial Intelligence

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By Alibaba Cloud Serverless.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic broke out in China, spreading rapidly before and during Chinese New Year, 2020. The detection of mask-wearing in public places is key for epidemic prevention and control.

To cope with the pandemic, the Alibaba Cloud Vision Intelligent Application Programming Interface Platform quickly launched the mask detection API service based on vision AI analysis. This service allows developers to build a system quickly to check whether people have their masks on without telling their personal identity for privacy protection. The service is expected to enhance the efficiency of community access management during the virus outbreak.

In addition to mask detection for a single face, the platform uses Alibaba Cloud services, such as Function Compute, Serverless Workflow, Object Storage Service (OSS), and Resource Orchestration Service (ROS), and its self-developed algorithms to integrate multiple APIs into new capabilities. For example, the face detection API and mask detection API are used to implement mask detection for multiple people at the same time. Such a new capability allows mask detection for multiple faces in a single image without identifying those persons for privacy protection.

What are ROS, Serverless Workflow, and Function Compute?

With the preceding services, after you upload images to OSS, the image processing process written with Serverless Workflow is automatically triggered. In this process, the number of faces in an image is first spot. If the image contains only one face, mask recognition will be performed. If the image contains multiple faces, mask recognition will be performed individually for each face.

Function Compute calls different AI capabilities based on different scenarios. This example shows that Serverless Workflows can easily combine vision intelligent APIs and Function Compute to cope with complex scenarios. You can visit the ROS page to learn more and experience its whole set of capabilities. For more information about the implementation logic of mask recognition for multiple faces, scan the DingTalk Group QR code at the bottom of this article to contact us.

To help prevent and control the pandemic and improve the effectiveness of epidemic monitoring, the face mask detection API service is available free of charge to enterprises and individual developers. Enterprises and individual developers can use APIs for standardized interworking. This service can be quickly applied in communities, enterprise buildings, medical institutions, and other public places for real-time mask wearing detection to assist management personnel with on-site management.

The Alibaba Cloud Vision Intelligent Application Programming Interface Platform is a comprehensive vision AI platform that helps enterprises and developers quickly establish vision AI-based application capabilities. Based on Alibaba’s practical experience in visual intelligence, the platform provides easy-to-use, inclusive visually intelligent API services to users who develop and apply the visual intelligence technology. In addition, the platform provides more than 50 API services based on vision AI for free, including text recognition, product understanding. Enterprises and individual developers are welcome to call these services to create more applications, and contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

While continuing to wage war against the worldwide outbreak, Alibaba Cloud will play its part and will do all it can to help others in their battles with the coronavirus. Learn how we can support your business continuity at

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