Massive Commercial Use of IPv6 during the Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival

Smooth P2P-based Video Delivery and Improved Video Playback Performance

At the Tmall Double 11 Festival Night, high definition (HD) videos were broadcast over an IPv6 network. Youku provided 4K live streaming over an IPv6 network for the first time. The 4K Ultra HD and high frame rate (HFR) videos were streamed to audiences after real time processing and transcoding. The number of online viewers this year is 1.5 times that of the previous year, while the video stall rate dropped by 25% compared with the same period a year ago. To ensure the stability of core businesses, the technical team of Youku adopted the P2P technology in large live streaming for the first time.

Robust Support of Traffic Bursts for Online Shopping

The first Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2009 created a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of less than 52 million RMB. This year, the GMV reached 213.5 billion RMB, with the number of transactions per second running as high as 491 thousand. The network performance was severely tested. The Alibaba Cloud virtual private cloud (VPC) handled all the cloud traffic of the Alibaba Group. For capacity planning, Alibaba Cloud deployed the largest hybrid cloud system this year and built SLB clusters with large bandwidth . Each VPC can support over 300 thousand containers, and each server can support up to 16 million sessions. The VPC handled the traffic burst at the midnight peak period with ease. The peak value of the public network traffic on an SLB instance was doubled compared with last year, and the number of connections was seven times that of last year. No online problems occurred during the entire Double 11 Shopping Festival.

Increased Security with IPv6 to Ensure Shopping Safety

Alibaba Cloud provided Anti-DDoS protection for Alibaba core businesses to ensure a secured shopping environment for consumers and sellers. During the Double 11 Shopping Festival, Alibaba Cloud successfully blocked hundreds of gigabytes of DDoS attacks.



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