MaxCompute Enterprise-Grade Security Capability: Improving Data Security Management with Cloud Native

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By Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute

As digital transformation becomes the inevitable choice of enterprises, big data has also grown into an important driver of business development. Now that data is an asset, it faces many risks. Data security incidents have often been headline news in recent years, including user privacy breaches, network threats to business environments and data, and sabotage of core data. These all represent challenges to the big data security capabilities of enterprises. As big data platforms evolve based on cloud-based service delivery models, fully managed big data platforms with sound built-in security management capabilities will significantly improve the security management capabilities of enterprises.

Alibaba Cloud’s SaaS-mode cloud data warehousing solution MaxCompute recently released a comprehensive upgrade to its enterprise-level security capabilities. Its newly released features include real-time audit logs, fine-grained authorization, data masking, storage encryption (BYOK), continuous backup and recovery, and cross-region disaster recovery and backup. As a fully managed big data platform, MaxCompute has sound built-in security management capabilities. This upgrade allows for more comprehensive and finer-grained protection of enterprise data and services in the cloud to significantly improve the security management capabilities of enterprises

In this article, we’ll talk about the security capability upgrade of the MaxCompute platform and discuss how it can benefit businesses.

Multi-level Security Management Solution for Continuous Protection of Cloud Data and Services

MaxCompute’s security capability upgrade is aimed at building a comprehensive, multi-level security management solution for continuous protection of cloud data and services. Its new features include:

  • Fine-grained authorization
  • Data encryption (Bring Your Own Key [BYOK])
  • Data masking (Data Security Guard)
  • Continuous backup and recovery
  • Cross-region disaster backup and recovery
  • Real-time audit logs
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As a cloud-native, fully managed enterprise-level data warehousing service, MaxCompute is built on Alibaba Cloud’s large-scale computing and storage resources and adopts a serverless architecture. It provides more than 20 security features at three levels: the underlying level which comprises the infrastructure, data centers, networks, and power supply, the intermediate level which comprises platform security capabilities, and the upper level which comprises user permission management and privacy protection. Supporting both open-source big data and database management security capabilities, MaxCompute provides continuous SaaS-based cloud data protection for cloud enterprises.

Compared with enterprise-developed big data platforms, MaxCompute has sound built-in security management capabilities that are available in an out-of-the-box manner, allowing you to avoid complicated integration and secondary development.

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