MaxCompute Now Available on Alibaba Cloud UK Data Center

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MaxCompute, Alibaba Cloud’s big data computing service, received great attention at The Computing Conference 2018 in Hangzhou. Tony Guan, Senior Staff Engineer of Alibaba Computing Platform, said that computing capabilities, federated computing, intelligence, and enterprise-class serviceability are significant advantages of Alibaba’s computing platform.

MaxCompute was launched as one of the first computing platform services available on the new Alibaba Cloud UK data center. Alibaba Cloud is exporting big data services to Western Europe, following the export to Frankfurt since October 2017. It is said that Alibaba Cloud will collaborate with more European partners to build a technology ecology, drive the development of European cloud computing and big data technologies, and achieve innovation breakthrough in the fields of AI and deep learning through the new generation of MaxCompute AI system.

MaxCompute is part of Alibaba Cloud Apsara system that was started nine years ago. Nowadays, MaxCompute is capable of storing exabytes of data and computing hundreds of petabytes of data daily. In the public cloud, MaxCompute has been introduced to more than 10 countries and regions around the world; in Apsara Stack, MaxCompute has been deployed on over 100 servers, including ET City Brain, amounting to 100,000 servers.

MaxCompute serves heterogeneous computing clusters at the bottom layer of its system architecture, including CPU clusters, GPU clusters, FPGA clusters, and future intelligent hardware clusters. MaxCompute provides a series of computing capabilities, including batch computing, streaming computing, memory computing, machine learning, and iteration. The computing platform strongly bolsters Alibaba economy, tens of thousands of enterprises and many aspects of computing capabilities.

Data is the foundation of machine intelligence innovation. Sufficient computing capabilities give full play to the value of data. MaxCompute 2.0 is deployed on the London node. It features high-performance computing based on the new SQL 2.0 computing engine, analyzes unstructured data such as images and videos, and supports massive data computing in popular fields such as AI. By integrating seamlessly with cloud services, MaxCompute enables enterprise customers to easily synchronize massive logs from ECS instances or ApsaraDB for RDS instances to MaxCompute through SLS, process and schedule data in DataWorks, and analyze and present data by using PAI, QuickBI, DataV, and other tools.

As Alibaba’s flagship big data computing platform, MaxCompute will provide big data computing services of high performance, strong security, and easy operation for European enterprises.

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