MaxCompute2.0 Performance Metrics: Faster, Stronger Computing

Next Generation Execution Engine

MaxCompute2.0 has developed a next generation execution engine. The new execution engine is based on Codegen and utilizes vectorized execution and cache-friendly algorithms. We can see that the new generation of execution engines boast remarkable advantages in performance over open source’s next generation open source offline computing execution engine — Hive on Tez.

Next Generation Compilation Engine and Cost-Based Optimizer

MaxCompute2.0 has developed an all new parser and introduced a cost-based optimizer that is compatible with Hive syntax and semantics and utilizes optimizers based on a variety of rules (Rbo), introducing and developing accurate optimizer components based on statistical data and adding a collection of all new rules.

MaxCompute2.0 Performance Increase and Future Performance Expectations

Our goal is to have MaxCompute2.0 capable of all these features:

Alibaba Cloud Big Data and AI Products

Alibaba Cloud launched eight new Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) products at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. These products, along with MaxCompute2.0, will meet the surging demand for powerful and reliable cloud computing services as well as advanced AI solutions among enterprises. Read more about the launch on the official press release.



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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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