Media Integration and Digital Transformation in the Post-Pandemic Era

1. Media Changes during the Pandemic: Amplification of New Media

1.1 The Return of the Importance of TV Screens Towards the Next Generation of “Non-TV”

Source: Gozen ORS (OTT Ratings system)

1.2 Online Media Activity Has Rebounded Sharply in the Late Stage of the Pandemic, and Short Videos Have Performed Well

Source: wo index APP report

2.Thinking About the Media Industry Triggered by the Pandemic: Behind the Integration of Media is the Iteration of Digital Technology

Source: Kaidu 2020 Global COVID-19 Pandemic Consumer Tracking Report

3. The Development Direction of Media after the Pandemic: Mobilization, Socialization, Visualization, Intelligence, and Platform-Based


  1. Bill Hanage and Marc Lipsitch from Harvard University, a review article How to Report on the COVID-19 Outbreak Responsibly in Scienceman Magazine
  2. The People’s Daily Online: Local Media Show the Effectiveness of Integration in the Battle Against the Pandemic

Original Source:



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