Migrate SQL Server and SSIS Workloads with Active Directory (AD) Integration to Alibaba Cloud: Part 1

Introduction to ApsaraDB MyBase

Key Features of ApsaraDB for MyBase

  • Enterprise-level database kernels: ApsaraDB for MyBase uses an enhanced and optimized kernel based on an open source database kernel. For more information, see Kernel benefits.
  • Fully managed database services: ApsaraDB for MyBase provides a full range of database service capabilities, including installation, deployment, high availability, monitoring, alerting, account management, automatic optimization, and backup and restoration.
  • Open operating system (OS) systems: ApsaraDB for MyBase allows you to install custom scripts as independently and flexibly as possible to meet the requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises on database services. For more information, see Connect to a Linux host from a bastion host.
  • User-level resource isolation: You can purchase hosts so that your resources are completely isolated. Resource isolation avoids resource scrambling and ensures service stability.
  • Reduced costs ApsaraDB for MyBase meets the business architecture requirements and allows you to take advantage of different features of database resources. You can configure proper over-commitment ratios to maximize resource utilization and reduce costs. For more information, see Enable or disable instance allocation on a host.

ApsaraDB MyBase for SQL Server

  • Supports full range of SQL Server services including SSAS is Microsoft SQL Server’s Analysis Services, SSIS which is the SQL Server Integration Services for data transformation and migration capability (ETL), SSRS which stands for Sql Server Reporting Services for creating reports and making visualization to better understand your data. Now you can provision and configure all those services, which often used together with SQL server, on ApsaraDB for MyBase;
  • Disk encryption: This function encrypts the entire data disks of your RDS instance based on block storage. Your data cannot be accessed even if it is leaked. For more information, see Configure disk encryption for an ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server instance. In addition, this function does not interrupt your workloads, and you do not need to modify your application.

SQL Server, SSIS, and AD Migration Guide

Step 1: Create a Dedicated Cluster

Step 2: Purchase Host

Step 3: Deploy Database (SQL Server)

Step 4: Manage Database (Configuration)


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