MVP #FridayFive: Alibaba Cloud IoT, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain

Here at Alibaba Cloud, we always strive towards making a digitally connected world and to ease your information technology challenges. Our handpicked industry experts, Alibaba Cloud MVPs, contribute towards this vision in their own way by enabling the world on how Alibaba Cloud technologies are transforming businesses in a day to day basis.

MVP #FridayFive is a blog series aimed at celebrating and highlighting some of the pronounced contributions from Alibaba Cloud MVP’s towards making the Alibaba Cloud technologies more adaptable. Every Friday, we will delve into various contributions from our experts around the globe and share the top five remarkable activities of the week through this platform with rest of the world.

Below are the top five technological activities of this week specially curated from Alibaba Cloud communities:

5. [Seminar] How to Gather Information and Hidden Crucial Information

By Rona Ariyolo, Indonesia MVP

Rona presented the keynote speech at the Security System Seminar organized by Himpunan Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi — Institut Sains dan Teknologi Al-Kamal.

Link to Seminar

4. [Meetup] Embark on your Cloud Journey with Alibaba Cloud

By Ranjith Udayakumar, India MVP

Ranjith organized an Alibaba Cloud MVP Tech Show in the city of Chennai to introduce Alibaba Cloud’s platform & offerings and how to decipher insights from data to thrive business value.

Link to Meetup

3. [Blog] Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cybersecurity On The Blockchain

By Ulv Bjørnsson, Norway MVP

There are a wide variety of ways to run a Blockchain; for enterprises, more and more are turning to the cloud by leveraging Blockchain as a Service. In this blog, Ulv talks about Five Things enterprises need to know about cybersecurity on Blockchain.

Link to Blog

2. [Blog] How to Use Free Certificate on Alibaba Cloud SLB

By Nobuhide Watanabe, Japan MVP

In this blog, Nobuhide introduced how to use free certificate on SLB, covering how to select certificate from ssl certificate service and also upload 3rd party certificate.

Link to Blog

1. [GitHub Repository] Alibaba Cloud IoT NodeJS Example

By Alberto Roura, Australia MVP

This repository contains what was exposed in the Alibaba Cloud Brisbane Meetup Group. It shows an intro to IoT/MQTT and gives you a starting point with a NodeJS application that emulates a device sending data to the Alibaba Cloud IoT hub, uses Function Compute as backend and saves the resulting data in Table Store. The repository also includes the presentation of the Tech Show in PDF.

Link to GitHub Repository

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