My 3-Month Experience with Alibaba Cloud

My Five Favorite Features of Alibaba Cloud ECS

One of my favorite features of Alibaba Cloud ECS is not a technical feature — it’s the pricing model. You can purchase ECS instances through pay-as-you-go (post-paid) or subscription (prepaid) methods. The pay-as-you-go method works great for me because I like to try new services through the GUI, rather than the console. If you are like me then this is a great feature for you.

My Five Favorite Features of the Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem

1. Competitive Pricing Structure

Alibaba Cloud has a competitive pricing structure. The price for most of their services, compared to the quality, is next to nothing. The pricing is also very flexible. For example, with other major cloud providers, you may be charged even if your VM is stopped, typically billed as VM maintenance. On Alibaba Cloud, you won’t be charged by stopping the VM, even if you don’t release the instance.

2. Convenient Ticketing System

Alibaba Cloud has an amazing ticketing system; I have never seen such a fast response to support tickets! I have raised several tickets for payment and the technical issues — I almost always get a response within an hour. This is quite an amazing feature knowing that Alibaba Cloud is quite a large organization.

3. Ability to Contribute

I am always interested in contributing to product development by sharing my technical knowledge and experiences. In addition to raising tickets, you can also share your ideas with them through the Alibaba Cloud Connect platform. Either you’re a developer or an enterprise user, you can share your ideas and feedback with the community.

4. Expanding Article Database

If you are new to Alibaba Cloud, or even just cloud, head on to the official Alibaba Cloud Blog channel for the latest cloud insights and developer trends. You can find articles about various Alibaba Cloud products and services, the underlying technologies behind these products, and other technology insights from thought leaders.

5. Rapid Updates

With a large and growing community, as well as a variety of feedback channels, Alibaba Cloud is able rapidly develop and improve the quality of their services. They are also constantly optimizing their products to enhance user experience. The console itself has improved significantly in the past few months. I am confident that we can see a lot of new product offerings and more improvements in the coming months.

My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a perfect cloud provider. However, what sets Alibaba Cloud apart is their dedication to customers and the innovative services they provide. Alibaba Cloud has a rapidly growing ecosystem, helped by the fact that they are the largest cloud provider in China. If you place great emphasis on price competitiveness and customer support, then no doubt Alibaba Cloud is the best choice for you. If you are an enterprise customer, you can also receive dedicated support from Alibaba Cloud’s team of Solution Architects.



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