My Alibaba Cloud ACE Experience: Part 1

  • Part 1: It provides an overview of the ACE exam and answers questions such as:
  • Part 2: The second part is based on my personal experience and describes the technical key points of Alibaba Cloud computing service and its functions. It has several key takeaways for all those who want to prepare for the ACE exam.
  • Part 3: The last part of the series helps to level up preparation for the ACE exam and answers the following frequently asked questions:

What is the ACE Exam?

How Much Is the ACE Exam Fee?

What Are the Prerequisites for the ACE Exam?

What Is the ACE Exam Duration and Score Criteria?

How Do I Plan the Exam Location and Time?

ACE Exam Content and Sample Q&A with Explanation

  • Alibaba Cloud Knowledge (ECS, SLB, OSS, CDN, VPC, Cloud Security and more)
  • Common IT Knowledge (Network Protocols such as HTTP, FTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Software Development Lifecycle, Large-scale Distributed System Architecture, etc.)
  • Selecting optimal architectures and evaluating their impacts.
  • Diagnosing common issues and finding effective solutions.
  • Providing the best practices and architecture guidance during the project lifecycle.

Single-Selection Questions

Multiple-Selection Questions

  • Client-side: CDN is the best choice; the network will not impact the cache. Option ‘a’ is Right
  • Server-side: There is ECS for computing, RDS for Database, and SLB for load balancing. SLB just balances the load, so if there is CDN, the bandwidth will not be the main cause. Option ‘c’ is Wrong
  • EIP on ECS (This is not applicable as per the given scenario)
  • NAT Gateway. NAT Gateway has two functions, SNAT and DNAT. SNAT from ECS to connect to outside internet and DNAT from outside internet to access to ECS. (For the given scenario, users need to access ECS over the internet. Hence, it is the DNAT function. Option ‘b’ is Right and Option ‘c’ is Wrong
  • EIP on SLB (Option ‘d’ fulfills this criterion, but option ‘a’ doesn’t mention binding the EIP to SLB instance.) A is wrong. Option ‘d’ is Right and Option ‘a’ is Wrong

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