My Alibaba Cloud ACE Experience: Part 2

By Wenson Ding, Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert (ACE)

This article is the second part of the My Alibaba Cloud ACE Experience series, where I share my experience of completing the Alibaba Cloud Expert (ACE) certification. It explains the technical key points of Alibaba Cloud computing service. It outlines the ACE certification course content into three sections: Alibaba Cloud Knowledge, Common IT Knowledge, and Exam-specific Capabilities. Before we deep dive into each segment, I recommend you refer to the detailed exam outline.

Alibaba Cloud Knowledge

Alibaba Cloud Expert certification offers IT professionals and technical experts across functions to demonstrate and validate their knowledge in Alibaba Cloud Computing. This exam qualifies their advanced technical skills and experience in designing distributed applications and systems on Alibaba Cloud. Let’s take a quick look at the knowledge requirements to pursue this course.

  • Familiarity with basic concepts of Alibaba Cloud computing products, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Auto Scaling, Object Storage Service (OSS), Content Distribution Network (CDN), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Alibaba Cloud Security, and CloudMonitor. It is an essential requirement, and in my perspective, it will be useful if you read more about ECS, SLB, Auto Scaling, CDN, VPC, RDS (DRDS), OSS, Big Data, Migration and Hybrid Cloud, Security & Access Control, Middleware, and IoT.

Conventional IT Knowledge

ACE-Cloud Computing certification is designed for cloud engineers who are highly experienced in the IT field. It validates your technical expertise in cloud computing and other key concepts. Therefore, applicants must be proficient in conventional IT and cloud-related concepts. I am listing below the critical requirements for your quick reference:

  • Basic understanding of general cloud computing concepts and knowledge of virtualization, storage, networks, and other related concepts.

Exam-specific Capabilities

In this section, I would like to focus on the key capabilities essential to pass the ACE certification exam effectively.

1) Elastic Computing and Network Design

  • An in-depth understanding of elastic computing product features beyond the ACP certification required.

2) Disaster Recovery and High Availability

  • Implementation capabilities of DR systems based on RPO and RTO.

3) Application Deployment and Management

  • Ability to manage the lifecycle of applications deployed on Alibaba Cloud.

4) IoT and Big Data

  • Thorough knowledge of Alibaba Cloud big data products.

5) Database and Storage

  • In-depth understanding of the function of the Alibaba Cloud database and storage products.

6) Security and Access Control

  • Ability to design a security management system based on Alibaba Cloud security products and understand relevant compliance.

7) Migration and Hybrid Cloud

  • Ability to implement system-based cloud deployment as per Alibaba Cloud products.

8) Middleware

  • Meticulous understanding of Alibaba Cloud middleware products.

With this, we complete the key points of the course requirements. In the next edition of this series, we will discuss how to better prepare for the ACE exam.

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