New container capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2

  • Update to the container-tools:rhel8 fast moving stream
  • Continued support for container-tools:1.0 stable stream
  • New container-tools:2.0 stable stream
  • CRIU added to container-tools:rhel8 stream
  • Udica added to container-tools:rhel8 stream
  • OpenJDK images released as part of Red Hat Universal Base Image
  • Source container images produced for all Red Hat Universal Base Images
  • Container images for Buildah and Skopeo
  • Extension to Red Hat Universal Base Image EULA for partners

Container Tools

  • Support for Message Passing Interface (MPI) in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. This is part of a larger initiative to support HPC workloads with podman. See product documentation for more details: Building, running, and managing containers — Using podman with MPI.
  • Initial support for the Container Network Interface (CNI) DNS plugin, which allows containers to resolve the IPs of other containers via DNS name, has been added.
  • Podman now supports anonymous named volumes, created by specifying only a destination to the -v flag to the podman create and podman run commands
  • The podman info command, when run without root, now shows information on UID and GID mappings in the rootless user namespace.
  • Added podman build — squash-all flag, which squashes all layers (including those of the base image) into one layer.
  • The podman network create, podman network rm, podman network inspect, and podman network ls commands have been added to manage CNI networks used by Podman.
  • The podman volume create command can now create and mount volumes with options, allowing volumes backed by NFS, tmpfs, and many other filesystems.
  • Rootless Podman can experimentally squash all UIDs and GIDs in an image to a single UID and GID (which does not require use of the newuidmap and newgidmap executables) by passing — storage-opt ignore_chown_errors.
  • Rootless Podman containers with — privileged set will now mount in all host devices that the user can access.
  • Rootless Podman now supports health checks (#3523).


OpenJDK Images Added to Red Hat Universal Base Image

Source Container Images

Container Images for Buildah and Skopeo

Extension to UBI EULA


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