New Enterprise Capabilities of MaxCompute: Continuous Data and Service Protection in the Cloud

New Enterprise Capabilities of MaxCompute

Understand the Resource Demands of Enterprises and Provide Cost-Effective Computing Solutions

Enhanced Security Capabilities for Continuously Protecting Enterprises in the Cloud

  • Data Encryption: MaxCompute has launched the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) feature to meet the demands of your data assets. Then, you can bring your own key to implement end-to-end encryption.
  • Continuous Backup and Recovery: MaxCompute has provided automatic disaster recovery. You can enable this feature by configuring the system.
  • Cross-Region Disaster Recovery and Backup: MaxCompute has also provided cross-cluster disaster recovery. Under extreme circumstances, where a data center is unavailable, MaxCompute can protect your data and computing from being affected.
  • Real-Time Audit Logging: MaxCompute has provided real-time auditing, which allows administrators to track all data changes in real-time.

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