New Feature: Enhanced Management of ECS Instances with System Event

Multi-Region for Increased Reliability

Alibaba Cloud is dedicated to guaranteeing data reliability and high availability of cloud computing infrastructure and cloud servers to our customers. Compared with traditional IDC or on-premises environments, Alibaba Cloud adopts more stringent IDC standards, server access standards, and O&M standards. In addition, Alibaba Cloud provides multi-Zones in various Regions. When customers need higher availability, they can leverage Alibaba Cloud’s Multi-zones to build their own active/standby or active/active services.

Proactive Maintenance for Increased Availability

In order to ensure a high level of service availability, Alibaba Cloud will perform proactive maintenance for physical servers that host ECS instances and resolve potential issues about hardware and software to continuously improve system reliability, performance, and security protection capabilities. Normally, when there is maintenance activity planned on the physical server, the ECS instance will be live migrated to another server to maintain the health of ECS instance.

Scheduled Maintenance for Increased Flexibility

In fact, this is a maintenance notification triggered automatically by Alibaba Cloud’s proactive maintenance. During the maintenance process, some software and hardware failures may cause live-migration to fail. In this case, Alibaba Cloud will send the above notification to the user to remind that the system is about to perform a migration by restarting the instance.

System Events for Ensuring Business Continuity

When mission-critical applications are running on the ECS instances, any unexpected restart of an instance may threaten or seriously affect system availability and business continuity. Therefore, we recommend that the users build the application with fault tolerant architecture and leverage the services such as regions/zones and load balancer to enhance system reliability.

About Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service

As a leading and trusted cloud service provider, Alibaba Cloud provides and guarantees the availability, stability, and security of computing, storage, network services, and the underlying infrastructure. According to the strategic targets and business needs, customers can design a high available IT architecture on Alibaba Cloud, select suitable products and services to build a reliable and robust business system.



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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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