New Horizons of the MaxCompute Ecosystem: Rich, Connected, and Integrated

The MaxCompute Ecosystem

MaxCompute is Alibaba’s fully managed flagship big data service. The MaxCompute ecosystem can be viewed from different perspectives. The right half of the following figure presents MaxCompute as a service, which is surrounded by related tools and interfaces such as Java SDKs and JDBC drivers. Together, they constitute an ecosystem. In terms of feature, MaxCompute can be divided into two parts: computing and storage. Data in the lower-left corner of the following figure represents storage, while engines in the upper-left corner represent computing. As an all-in-one big data solution, MaxCompute provides both storage and computing capabilities. The entire circle represents the MaxCompute ecosystem.

Richer and Better Interfaces and Utilities

MaxCompute is a cloud-native big data service. A service is essentially a set of RESTful APIs that interact with services externally through SDKs. This interaction can be divided into two parts. One is control. For example, you can use XML to submit jobs and obtain job statuses. The other is the data tunnel. PB is heavily used when a job needs to be obtained on the server after the job is run. SDKs make use of XML-to-Java object binding technology and have always used the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) technology that comes with JDK. However, with the iteration of Java, JAXB will exit from the standard Java. The programming features of Java EE require users to reference packages to complete a project, which is very inconvenient. The same is true for Protobuf because cross-version compatibility has always been a problem. When you need to integrate MaxCompute into a specific framework, you may find it difficult to cope with the conflict between dependent libraries. The latest SDK version contains a complete implementation of XML binding, which is completely independent of JAXB and gets ready for Java 9, 10, and 11. This reduces the dependency on Java SDKs. As the foundation for upper-layer tools, Java SDKs can provide benefits such as command-line tools and JDBC.

Connection of All Off-premises Data

Integrated Custom Engines

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