New in MySQL 8.0 — the Vanishing Parameters, Features…

This article summarizes the parameters and features removed in the first version of MySQL 8.0. Some parameters and features are currently set to deprecated in MySQL 8.0. Some others have been set to deprecated in MySQL 5.7 or earlier versions, but are removed from the code in MySQL 8.0.

MySQL 8.0.0

WL#7704:InnoDB: Remove deprecated file format parameters in 8.0

The purpose of supporting file-format configuration is to stay compatible with earlier versions. In versions earlier than MySQL 8.0, two primary file formats are supported:

1. Antelope: The corresponding row format is: COMPACT and REDUNDANT.

2. Barracuda: the new file format. The corresponding row format is: COMPRESSED and DYNAMIC.

Since earlier versions have passed the deadline for long-time maintenance, the old file formats are not maintained in MySQL 8.0 any more.

So removing the old code is helpful to clarify the code structure.

Several parameters related to file_format are removed:


Columns related to file-format in INFORMATION_SCHEMA are removed:


After the code is committed, a large amount of code is erased and the structure looks much clearer.

WL#8157: Remove deprecated GIS functions

Old functions related to GIS are removed. New functions are replaced with ST_xxx. A total of 67 functions are removed, including their test cases.

WL#8843: Deprecate and remove the parameter innodb_support_xa

Parameter innodb_support_xa is removed. The reason is that this parameter has been invalid. On the one hand, when XA is set to OFF, PREPARE transactions can only be rolled back and cannot be committed; on the other hand, the data consistency of Binlog/Engine failure recovery should be ensured.

After this parameter is removed, the XA is enabled by default.

WL#8894: InnoDB: Remove deprecated parameter innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog

The same as above, the parameter innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog has been marked as deprecated in MySQL 5.6 and is removed from the code in MySQL 8.0. (The instruction document of the parameter. But again, I guess no one will set it in normal cases.)

WL#9071: Remove mysql_install_db and server — bootstrap option

The mysql_install_db is removed and the bootstrap parameter of mysqld is also deleted. In future, to install instances, you need to usemysqld — initialize

WL#9014: Deprecate and remove mysql_shutdown()

The C API mysql_shutdown is deleted and the Command type COM_SHUTDOWN is deleted.COM_SHUTDOWN

WL#9091: Remove — ssl, — ssl-verify-server-cert client-side options

The — ssl, — ssl-verify-server-cert client-side options are removed. In future, you can use — ssl-mode options implemented by WL#8785.


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