New Infrastructure’s Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Government Agencies and Enterprises

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By Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo team.

To help government agencies and business enterprises better prepare for the opportunities digital development is creating in China, Alibaba Cloud is integrating Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with several powerful security features, and implement a security system with a range of monitoring, emergency response, and event management systems as a whole new accelerated security solution, for government agencies and enterprises alike.

This solution addresses recent events in China. In recent months, local governments and enterprises have been using cutting-edge digital tools during the coronavirus epidemic to protect the public’s health and restart the economy. All of this is just another example of the power of digitalization and the efficiency of “China speed.” At the same time, these events also helped increasing numbers of people realize the importance of the digital economy and effectively hitting accelerate the steady digital transformation of government agencies and enterprises.

How New Infrastructure’s Facilitating Digital Transformation

New infrastructure means any infrastructure that focuses on science and technology and primarily includes artificial intelligence, big data centers, the Industrial Internet, 5G networks, ultra-high voltage electricity, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, and new energy vehicle chargers, covering such key areas like power, transportation and communications. Unlike the traditional infrastructure, new infrastructure has its roots in digitalization. You could even go on to say that new infrastructure is in fact digital infrastructure.

Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, said that, as a vital component of new infrastructure, digital infrastructure will create jobs, drive economic growth, and help small- and medium-sized enterprises stay competitive, and digital infrastructure empowerment will at the same time aid local governments in improving their modern governance capabilities.

The coronavirus epidemic in China and around the world has ushered more government agencies and traditional enterprises along their journey towards their digital transformation. A one key hurdle of digital transformation for governments and traditional enterprises is finding how to use existing digital infrastructure to move service platforms from offline to online. Once they are online, customers will communicate with enterprises more efficiently and citizens will handle affairs quicker. This move also helps governments and enterprises be more resilient to disasters.

How CDN’s Helping Governments and Enterprises Navigate Services Online

With the development and growth of the Internet, CDN has become a ubiquitous tool. CDN started as a static caching service but later evolved into a dynamic content acceleration service. And, with the advent of the mobile Internet age, CDN delivered such services as mobile application acceleration and user experience optimization. Now, in its fourth wave of evolution, cloud CDNs and edge computing services are connecting business enterprises and target users to provide them with a great level of security, intelligence, and flexibility than ever before.

Industries like web entertainment, online gaming, and e-commerce were all born on the Internet. They are all using CDNs to improve their distribution efficiency and product experience online. For government agencies and traditional enterprises, CDN can help them handle the technical challenges of putting services online, such as user experience, stability, and security.

At the same time, we realize that governments and traditional enterprises have different requirements from the tech firms that typically pursue the ultimate distribution efficiency. In other words, their services are very different from the typical online services and have their own sets of complex issues.

What Government Agencies and Enterprises Want Most out of CDNs

1. Reliability

2. Security

3. Technical Support

Secure CDN Solutions Are Nearly There

To help government agencies and enterprises better prepare for the opportunities digital development is uncovering in China, Alibaba Cloud will integrate Alibaba Cloud CDN with security features, and implement a security system that offers monitoring, emergency response, and event management. It will form a new accelerated security solution for government agencies and enterprises.

During the pandemic, this solution was successfully applied in many cases and gained much applications in real-world scenarios.

1. Public services

2. Online Learning

3. Financial Industry

4. Broadcast Media

After the pandemic, Alibaba Cloud security acceleration solutions will continue to empower more businesses in bringing their services online, and will provide fast, reliable, and secure user experiences. We plan to officially launch this solution in the near future.

While continuing to wage war against the worldwide outbreak, Alibaba Cloud will play its part and will do all it can to help others in their battles with the coronavirus. Learn how we can support your business continuity at

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