Optimal Solution to 100% CPU Usage of Databases

1) Introduction

  • How can we optimize our database to maximize its performance?
  • How can we quickly diagnose and deal with various unexpected database performance issues?
  • How can we meet business needs with minimal resource cost?

2) Background

3) Technical Challenges

Challenge 1 — How Can We Tell Whether the Scaling Operation Can Address the Problem?

Challenge 2 — How Can We Choose the Appropriate Timing and Method for Scaling?

Challenge 3 — How Can We Choose the Appropriate Instance Type?

4) Solutions

4.1 Product Capabilities

4.2 Solution Description

Figure 1. Closed-loop data process of DAS AutoScale
  • The performance data collection module collects the performance data of instances in real-time, including information about the database performance metrics, configurations, and instance sessions.
  • The decision-making center makes global decisions based on information such as the current performance data and the instance session list to solve Challenge 1. For example, the decision-making center may enable SQL throttling to address the problem of insufficient computing resources or resume the AutoScale process in response to a sudden burst of business traffic.
  • As the core module of DAS AutoScale, the algorithm module provides models to detect abnormal service loads and recommend the appropriate storage capacity or instance type. It solves Challenges 2 and 3.
  • The instance type suggestion & verification module provides specific suggestions and adapts the deployment type of the database instance to the actual operating environment. It also verifies the deployment type against the available instance types in the current region, to ensure that the suggestions can be implemented by the control execution module.
  • The control execution module distributes and implements the instance type suggestions.
  • The scaling status-tracking module measures and tracks the performance changes in the database instances before and after instance scaling.
Figure 2. Storage resizing solution
Figure 3. Instance scaling solution

4.3 Core Technologies

4.4 Case Study

Figure 4. Instance scaling task

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