Performing Data Write Operations with MongoDB

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This article discusses the steps involved in performing data write operations with MongoDB, focusing on the roles of the Journal and Oplog applications. Journal is a concept on the MongoDB storage engine layer while plog is a capped collection on the MongoDB master-slave replication layer.

MongoDB Journal

All data read and write operations in MongoDB require calling the interface on the storage engine layer to store and read data. The journal is an auxiliary mechanism for the storage engine to store data. Currently, MongoDB supports MMAPv1, WiredTiger, MongoRocks, and other storage engines, and all of them support the configuration of the journal.

MongoDB Oplog

Through oplog, you can synchronize data between nodes in the replication set. The client writes data to the primary node, and the primary node records an oplog after writing the data. The secondary node pulls the oplog from the primary node (or other secondary nodes) to ensure each node in the replication set stores the same data. For the storage engine, oplog is part of the ordinary data.

One-Time Write with MongoDB

When writing a document to the MongoDB replication set, perform the following steps:

  • Update the set’s index information
  • Write an oplog for synchronization
  • If data write and index write are successful but the oplog write fails, the synchronization of the write operation to the secondary node will not be possible. This leads to data inconsistency between the master and slave nodes.
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In this article, we discussed how MongoDB performs data write operations, specifically looking at the roles of oplog and journal in the process. Oplog and journal are concepts that represent the different layers of MongoDB. Since oplog is a common set in MongoDB, oplog writes and common set writes are identical. One write will change the corresponding data, index, and oplog, and these changes correspond to a journal operation log.

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