Planning for Your Hybrid Cloud Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Analyzing the Current Environment

Capacity Evaluation

Create Guidelines

  • Usage of Security Measures
  • Maintaining Secure Connections During Data Transmission
  • A policy about using a VPN while connecting remotely
  • Regular Monitoring of Data Flow and Protocols for Uninterrupted Service
  • Regular Maintenance of Logs and Metrics to Upgrade Your Cloud Solution for Better Productivity and Performance

Think About What to Extract

  • Think about which solutions you want to work with
  • Think about DevOps if you are catering for applications
  • Find out ways that question your current business limits and define a more capable architecture

Why the Move?

Team Readiness

  • List the technologies and solutions you will be working with
  • Team members must include technology specialists, administrators, coders, debuggers, and security experts.
  • Your development and operations team must be aware of agile practices.
  • Having a DevOps team is a plus
  • Cloud and on-premise management teams should be different and must understand the overlap to handle any situations or issues that arise over time.
  • If you have time or money constraints, train the current team, and hire more personnel later.
  • Maintain a team size; having team size fluctuation is counterproductive
  • Make sure to assign Identity and Access Management using Alibaba Cloud RAM
  • Having a team that can work with APIs is another plus

Step-by-Step Migration | Not All at Once

  • Start by building a Private Cloud
  • Carefully select your applications and services that you will implement with the Hybrid Cloud solution
  • Make sure to keep a steady pace of deployment
  • When your private cloud is stable and operational, share the workload to the Hybrid Cloud
  • Maintain a balance between what gets shared or processed on the public cloud
  • Document your shortcomings and implement the formulated strategy
  • Only use advanced practices, such as DevOps, after you are well-versed with your hybrid solution

Monitor Your Public Cloud


Next in Line

  1. Managing a Hybrid Cloud C Alibaba Cloud
  2. Distributed Environment and DevOps

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