PolarDB Series (1): Get Started in 10 Minutes

By Yixiu

What Is PolarDB?

PolarDB is the next-generation relational distributed database developed by Alibaba Cloud, which is 100% compatible with MySQL. Applications using MySQL could use PolarDB without modifying a line of code.

Get Started in 10 Minutes

PolarDB is deployed in the cloud. When you create it, you need to choose the geographical availability zone and the specific VPC network to be used first, and then specify the number (from 2 to 16) of nodes and their configuration (from 2 cores to 88 cores). You do not have to configure storage space in advance, nor do you need to pay attention to the capacity size.The system automatically charges according to actual usage.

PolarDB Features

In addition to using PolarDB like MySQL, it also has a few advantages that traditional MySQL databases do not have.

  • Highly Cost-Effective
    Multiple nodes charge only one share of storage cost, which means the more read-only instances, the more cost-effective.
  • Minute-Level Elastic Scaling
    The architecture that separates storage from computation, coupled with shared storage, makes rapid upgrade a reality.
  • Read Consistency
    The read-write splitting address of the cluster uses LSN (Log Sequence Numbers) to ensure the global consistency when reading data and to avoid inconsistent problems caused by master-slave delay.
  • Millisecond-Level Delay — Physical Replication
    Redo-based physical replication is used instead of Binlog-based logical replication to improve the efficiency and stability of master-slave replication. Even large table DDL operations with indexes and fields will not cause delay to the database.
  • Unlocked Backup
    Using the snapshot of the storage tier, the backup of the database with 2 T data can be completed in 60 seconds. And this backup process does not need to lock the database, which has almost no impact on the application and can be carried out 24 hours a day.
  • Complex SQL Query Acceleration
    Built-in parallel query engine has obvious acceleration effect on complex analysis SQL with execution time exceeding 1 minute. This function requires an additional link address.

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